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Niko Pirosmani

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History Museum. The Georgian naive painter Niko Pirosmani sometimes known as Nikala 18621918 is long overdue for rediscovery. Pirosmani was the son of a peasant family in the region of Kakheti in the far east of the present state of Georgia in the Caucasus. The story of this picture Actress Margarita widely known. The portrait of the woman to whose feet Niko Pirosmani threw out one million red roses is made on black oilcloth like many works of the Georgian selftaught. Hardly known outside of Georgia these days his work was.

Niko Pirosmani Museum

He is one of the outstanding primitivism painters in the World. The real name of Niko Pirosmani is Nikolay Aslanovich Pirosmanashvili. Read more on Wikipedia. Relatively poor for most of his life he worked a variety of ordinary jobs. In 1882 he opened a studio with another painter Gigo Zaziashvili accepting commissions for signboards. Giraffe was created in c.1905 by Niko Pirosmani in Naïve Art Primitivism style. Documents in which the facts would be recorded no more. Shop for the best selection of Niko Pirosmani wall art online. During his life he lived in poverty and . Niko Pirosmani.

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Niko Pirosmani

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